Concrete Cutting / Removal Adelaide

For professional and efficient concrete removal in Adelaide, trust Pro Concreting Adelaide. We begin with a thorough assessment of the area to be cleared, which informs our strategy and project scope. We coordinate with you to schedule the removal at a time that minimises disruption to your routine.

Our services extend beyond removal to include responsible and cost-efficient disposal of the discarded concrete. We have the necessary expertise and equipment to handle various types of concrete, be it from pathways, slabs, driveways or foundations.

With our focus on superior service, competitive pricing and friendly approach, we are your go-to for all concrete removal needs. Reach out to Pro Concreting Adelaide today for quick, reliable and standout service.

Our Range of Concrete Removal Services

Pro Concreting Adelaide offers a variety of concrete removal services, tailoring to diverse project scales from residential driveways to extensive commercial slabs. With our expert team and advanced tools, we provide swift, safe and quality concrete removal services, ensuring minimal disruption to surrounding areas.

  • Driveways
    Exposed to oil, dirt, and weather, driveways need thorough sealing. We treat various driveways like plain, coloured, exposed aggregate, and stamped concrete. We utilise high-performance sealers that penetrate deep, repelling oil, grease, and water-based stains while enhancing colour vibrancy. We use film-forming sealers, natural finish sealers, enhancing sealers, and hybrid sealers based on the surface needs.
  • Patios
    For maintaining and enhancing outdoor spaces, patio resealing is key. Our team ensures your patio is dirt and stain-free before applying the most suitable sealer. Our resealing service enhances the durability and beauty of your outdoor space.
  • Pool Decks
    Pool Decks
    Pool decks need to look good and be safe. Our sealing services cater to various types, including concrete, exposed aggregate, and stamped decks. We offer options for a natural or glossy finish, and can also apply non-slip surfaces for safety. Our service also protects your deck against UV damage and pool chemicals.
  • Commercial Concrete Surfaces
    Commercial Concrete Surfaces
    We seal various commercial surfaces, understanding each setting's unique needs. Be it workshops, service stations, hospitals, hotels, motels, offices, kitchens, airports, showrooms, or warehouses, our team's on hand to provide expert advice and quality service. Our commercial sealing solutions guard against stains, colour fade, and structural damage, boosting your business's aesthetics and longevity. Trust us for your commercial sealing needs.

Why Choose Us?

Pro Concreting Adelaide is a trusted choice for concrete removal. We offer excellent service through our professional, experienced team and competitive prices. Our comprehensive services span from concrete cutting to skip bin hire, ensuring your needs are met in a timely and efficient manner. Choose us for reliable, standout service.

Quality Service and Friendly Team

We deliver top-tier service, excelling in transparency and attention to client needs. We cater to both residential and commercial projects.

Affordable Prices and Diverse Solutions

Our prices are cost effective and keep the customer's budget in mind. We cover a range of concrete removal and replacement needs.

Prompt & Professional Team

Choose us for prompt service and vast expertise. We handle any scale of concrete removal efficiently, minimising disruption to our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Several factors influence a sealer’s lifespan, such as sealer quality, surface traffic, and maintenance level. Concrete sealing typically lasts 1 to 5 years, but for best protection, we suggest resealing every 2 to 3 years.

While possible, we advise professional application to ensure proper surface preparation, uniform application, and usage of top-quality sealers for enduring protection.

The cost fluctuates depending on space size, concrete condition, and sealer type. We at Pro Concreting Adelaide offer competitive rates, providing precise quotes post assessing your specific needs.

Sealer drying and curing time hinge on the sealer type and environmental conditions. Generally, wait for at least 24 hours before foot traffic and 72 hours for vehicles.

Frequency of resealing is subjective, depending on your preference and desired concrete protection level. However, regular sealing has multiple benefits.

We use Deepshield™ Gold Transparent Penetrating Sealer, a high-quality product based on the latest fluoro-bond technology, providing optimum stain protection for up to 15 years or more.

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